Almost 2 centuries ago, the first heart-shaped chocolate box was introduced by Richard Cadbury, and now we see over 36 MILLION heart shaped chocolate boxes exchanged annually for Valentine’s Day!!  Jewelry is the perfect pairing with those chocolates. Check out this compiled Top 5 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day for you, so you can hint to your loved one your highly desired piece from Prickly Cactus Jewels!

The #1 jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day is HEART-SHAPED JEWELS!  The heart shape has been a symbol of love since the Middle Ages, and it serves as a tangible expression of deep emotions and can be a meaningful gift for expressing love and affection.  Prickly Cactus Jewels has a number of options for heart-Jasper Necklaceshaped jewelry to choose from! It is timeless and can be worn all year long.  Choose from this handmade wire-wrapped Canyon Charm Bracelet or this Jasper Heart Necklace adorned in red coral and neutral cream dalmatian jasper beads.  There are soo many more heart shaped options to choose from, and you can find them all here in the Heart Collection!
Now, if you are reading THIS blog and not some blah mall jewelry store blog, it means you are a super independent woman who thinks for herself and has some fun and fancy free in her OR you are MARRIED TO HER!!! Either way, she is my kindred spirit!  So just for you, my #2 gift for Valentine’s Day is something FUN AND FANCY FREE!  Think, ‘artisan designed and handmade,’ piece of jewelry that adds a touch of whimsy and personality to any outfit, allowing her to express her individuality with flair. Whether it's a quirky pendant necklace adorned with vibrant charms or playful earrings featuring unconventional designs, this kind of jewelry captures her free-spirited nature.  The vibrant colors and unconventional shapes exude joy and can bring a smile to her face every time she wears them. So why not surprise that specialHeart & Soul Necklace woman in your life with some fun and fancy-free jewelry? These PCJ pieces highlight artisan designed and handmade, fun vibrant colors that hopefully capture her free-spirit! The Heart & Soul Necklace is loaded with so many vibrant colors, and the gorgeous wire-wrapped purple crazy lace agate heart focal is unmatched in beauty!  These Heishi Loop Earrings are Native American handmade and bursting with beautiful colors!!  They stand out from your usual earrings and really represent personality!


The #3 gift for Valentine’s Day is a little quirky, but hang with me… it’s the ONE SIZE FITS ALL gift! 😆 But SERIOUSLY…sometimes bracelets are too small, necklaces are too tight/short, and you have no idea what her ring

Silver 3/4 Hoops

size is, so what’s my answer to that?!!  EARRINGS, HONEY BUNNY!!!  There are all sizes of earrings, so here are a couple of options to choose from! These Concho Post Earrings are great for anyone and classic, sterling silver Native American handmade. The second option of earrings that are classic and go with anything, are these handmade Native American sterling silver Silver 3/4 Hoops.  They are beautiful and timeless! 

The #4 gift for Valentine’s Day is something TIMELESS AND CLASSIC! Building a timeless sterling jewelry collection requires careful selection of pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. These essential items possess enduring beauty, making them a must-have for any jewelry enthusiast seeking to create a versatile and classic collection. First on the list is the sterling silver necklace. A simple yet elegant necklace with a delicate chain and a timeless pendant canBlack Onyx Bracelet effortlessly elevate any outfit, adding grace and refinement.  This sweet lil Black Agate Pendant will stand the test of time, hung on a beautiful sterling silver chain! It is sure to make her happy!  Another timeless option that stays with the black stone theme is this GORGEOUS Black Onyx Bracelet with a lil flair of turquoise!  This bracelet is Native American handmade. Pair it with formal attire or dress up your everyday look; this versatile accessory is perfect for every occasion.

The #5 gift for Valentine’s Day is maybe the most important! Besides telling your lover how much you love her, being able to tell your heirs how much you love them years later by handing down jewelry to them is priceless! LEAVE A LEGACY!  Native American jewelry holds deep cultural significance and is often considered more than just adornments; they are cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. These exquisite pieces, crafted with care and precision, carry stories of ancient traditions and spiritual beliefs. From intricately designed silver bracelets to delicate turquoise necklaces, each piece embodies the rich heritage of Native American tribes.  Native American jewelry not only serves as a vibrant expression of cultural identity, connecting generations through intricate craftsmanship and artistic designs, but it also embodies a tangible link to ancestral wisdom and spiritual traditions. Passing down this jewelry to daughters or nieces symbolizes the transfer of ancestral wisdom, love, and respect for their roots. As these precious treasures are handed from mother to daughter or aunt to niece,Kingman Lariat Necklace a connection is forged between past and present, preserving the legacy for years to come.  This Kingman Lariat is drop dead gorgeous and is a perfect black dress affair ‘go-to’.  The stones are from the Kingman mine in AZ and are some of the most sought-after turquoise on the market. Another option in this category is the Turquoise Naja Necklace.  This necklace is gorgeous, with 7 cabochon turquoise stones set in a naja shape, which is a timeless Native American setting!

Maybe you are reading this looking for a gift for yourself to hint to your partner or just to buy for yourself!  Either way, there is plenty here to choose from!!  Still haven’t made up your mind?  Check out the Heart Collection and the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Collection to help you through your decision-making process!!  Need a gift for your husband??  Shop the MEN’S COLLECTION!!

Remember, it's important to consider your partner's personal style and preferences when choosing jewelry and also choose the piece that conveys your own personal message to your lover!


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