Empowerment. Authenticity. Legacy.

You are uncompromising; A unique jewel shining brightly in a hot desert, able to bloom beautifully under the toughest of circumstances… Authentic in all that you are. 

I, like you, hold those same values dear to me. I created Prickly Cactus Jewels out of a strong desire to represent my passions through timeless designs.  My inspirations come from my earliest memories of jewelry from my grandmother’s extravagant bracelets and rings to my mother’s simple ‘go with everything’ chains, while blending in my own earthy styling. These memories fuel my inspiration for design, but it wasn’t until recently that I took the leap of faith and dove head first into jewelry design!

But Prickly Cactus Jewels is about something more than jewelry… It is about teaching daughters what you can do at any stage in your life, what you can be if you truly put your energy forth, and the beautiful lasting impact we can have on each other as women… One design at a time!!

Let’s celebrate women empowering other women!  Let your authenticity shine through with my timeless designs.  Check out my collections today!!

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Donnette Roberts, Designer and Owner