Did you know Quanah Parker was the last chief of the Comanches? He was born to Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, a white captive of the Comanche.  The Comanches did not recognize a chief of their people with central authority.  But when Quanah surrendered at Fort Sill in 1875, the government and Bureau of Indian Affairs designated him as the Chief of the Comanche nation. 

He went on to become the wealthiest Native American in the US.  He took up ranching and helped the Comanches become relatively successful at ranching.  They began to profit through leasing their land to cattle barons.  Quanah, himself, took his money and invested in real estate and railroad stock.

Quanah Parker became one of the primary representatives of Native Americans to the US government. One of his most powerful connections was President Theodore Roosevelt.*

There is a town in North Texas named after him -- Quanah, Texas! My family lived there for a short time where my brother was born!

Native American-inspired themes run through my jewelry with turquoise and Navajo Pearls used in many of my pieces.

* Source: 10 Facts You May Not Know About Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief - OldWest

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