Everyone loves a quiz!  I don't know why... but there is something satisfying about choosing between A, B and C and then a mystery being de-mystified right before your very eyes! The thesis question posed creates that mystery in our minds that leads us to really want to know the answer to this thesis question!  But what's more... it takes answering 5-10 questions just to answer that original question!  WHAT!!?  It's fun, it's enlightening and you really do learn something about yourself. 

So, what is PCJ's thesis question?? Here it is... "What is your Southern Jewelry Style?"  You didn't know you had one, did you?  🤠😆 Well... Let me walk you through it!  But let's flip the script.  Let's start with the ANSWERS!  🤯

Are you a Classic Desert Rose, a Bohemian Cowgirl, a Southern Belle or a Rodeo Queen?  Sounds fun, right??!  From dainty to boho-chic to western, this quiz will help you discover what Prickly Cactus Jewels Collection suits your style!

Let the quiz walk you through questions about your own personal clothing style, to what your favorite color palette is, to what your favorite season of the year is! There are images to help guide you with each question!  

What are you waiting for?!  Let's have some fun!  Start the quiz NOW

When you are done, come back here and comment on this Blog what your style is!!  Share in the FUN! 

January 16, 2024 — Donnette Roberts

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