The last weekend of February in Houston you can count on one thing without fail… RODEO HAPPENS! Houston hosts the largest livestock show and rodeo IN THE WORLD.  I am not kidding!  We are super proud of it, and it is an event that sees approximately 2.5 million attendees over the course of the entire rodeo.

Our Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo always kicks off with a trail ride, parade, and the famous World Championship bbq cookoff weekend, which is something to behold if you have never seen it.  There are over 250 tents (as far as the eye can see!) filling up NRG Stadium’s parking lot, and these tents are full of amazing bbq and drinks!   And after that opening weekend, the real fun stuff begins!!  The nightly rodeo events include amazing musical entertainment, and it is always fun to shop the vendors and check out the livestock show.  The kids love the Midway and seeing all the animals! 

But what I really love most about Rodeo Season is the fashion!!  Houston is a fast-paced business city where men and women adorn suits and heels on a daily basis.  But when Rodeo comes to town everything slows down, and this city gives the trail rider and the cowboy hat and cowboy boots due respect!!  In fact, everyone puts on the boots and hat! 

I wanted to share a couple of my around-town shopping favs… and give some jewelry tips for rodeo for both guys and gals! 

First of all, if you make it to Houston, you MUST shop at The Hat Store for your next cowboy hat.  These guys have amazing quality hats, and the service is impeccable.  They will style it any way you want it and the assortment of selection is beyond anything I have seen in any western store!  One hat purchased here and they will have you coming back again and again!  I should know… I just got mine a month ago and LOVE IT!  

For boots, I cannot say enough about Texas Cowboy Boot Company!  You can customize your cowboy boots from the type of leather selected to color to all the stylings about the boot!  It is a fun process to go through, and everyone needs to own at least ONE custom pair of cowboy boots.  It may take 4-20  weeks to get your boots once ordered, but the wait is well worth it. You will not own a more comfortable pair of shoes than the ones you get from TCB!  And NO ONE will have anything like it!  You will stand out in a crowd in your new custom boots!!! The Bragging Rights are FOR REAL! (And these can be worn year around… I do it.  You can too!)

For you Ladies, let me address the jewelry… in order to finish out your outfit, you must complete it with the turquoise and silver!  This is authentic cowgirl styling.  Don’t skimp on this one thing… it will last you a life time!  You will pass on the turquoise jewelry to your children or grandchildren.  You can go big and bold with a beautiful squash blossom like this one, or keep it simple with a chic silver necklace like this Bear Paw Necklace.  And don’t be afraid to pair it with some Navajo pearls or a simple turquoise nugget necklace (or 3 or 4!)!  My personal fav is this Heishi Choker!  It hangs perfectly at the bottom of the neck and shows off whether you wear a tank top or a button-down white shirt!  But don’t forget to pick out your earrings and rings for the outfit too!  This Triple Nelson Turquoise Ring is TO. DIE. FOR.  And it wears so comfortably!!  For earrings, I would recommend these Vaquera Dangle Cluster Earrings!  They are adorable!  If you are looking for more styling ideas, check out my Insta account!   

Guys, I haven’t forgotten you!!  A turquoise necklace is A MUST for you in your boots and hat!!  Seriously.  And this blue heishi turquoise necklace found here is sleek and bold!  But if you like your turquoise more on the green side, then go with this one, which is a little subtler and more rugged looking.  Which ever you choose, you will get a ton of compliments; I promise.  My husband wears his all the time, and guys are ALWAYS asking him where he got his!  

Happy Rodeo’ing!  Follow me on Insta, FB and Pinterest!  We will be posting our own Houston Rodeo pictures soon!!!  



Donnette said:

so sad to see the fun end! Rodeo was a blast!

Mackenzie said:

I love it!! I can’t wait to go to the rodeo!! ❤️❤️🌵🌵

Macayla said:

I love the rodeo love your blog and jewelry

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