There is something magical about the jewelry you choose to wear.  You treasure it. It means something of significance to you.  You carry it with you everywhere. 

I designed the new Desert Nights Collection with you in mind, knowing you will choose something out of this collection to carry with you everywhere!  The themes within this collection are ‘Circle of Life’ and ‘Female Empowerment.’  The circle forms wire wrapped together convey a story of life legacy.  As a woman, you aspire to be strong and to grow up your daughters (and sons, of course!) to be strong as well.  This may be the most difficult, but also the most rewarding, thing you do. This collection is meant to be worn as a reminder to you that you are strong and can accomplish great things!!!

Even in the solitude of a Desert Night, there is clarity of vision and a closeness to your Maker.  There is no complication; just resolve knowing you can do anything! 

The names of the different pieces represent the rich colors from the Arizona mines where garnet, amethyst and peridot are pulled from deep within the earth. The names also represent life and the beauty of the night.

And of course the gold used throughout this collection sparkles like the desert sands, which sparkles even in the darkest night.

Embrace your strength and authenticity.  Wear jewelry designed with you in mind.

Shop the Desert Nights Collection HERE.

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