As you are planning your summer nails, cargo pants shopping, self care and festival outfits, there is one thing you don't want to overlook!!  SUMMER JEWELRY CARE, especially for your silver jewelry! Here are some great tips for your beaded jewelry or turquoise jewelry. 

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that silver jewelry, particularly sterling silver, requires special care to maintain its lustrous shine. With these simple tips, you can keep your beaded or turquoise jewelry looking as stunning as the day you first wore it -- and if you follow these tips, your jewelry will stay stunning YEAR ROUND! Some of these may seem repetitive, but they are all important steps to keeping your jewelry clean, shiny and free of damage.

Store sterling silver in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture.  This a first step to help keep your jewelry clean and free of tarnish. Sunlight and moisture will accelerate tarnish formation on silver. Tarnish is a natural process that occurs when sterling silver reacts with the sulfur compounds present in the air. By storing your silver jewelry in a cool and dry place, you can minimize its exposure to these compounds and slow down the tarnishing process. 

 Keep sterling silver in an airtight container or a sealed plastic bag to prevent oxidation. Keeping your silver sealed will keep your pieces shinier for much longer between polishings and slow down the silver reaction process to sulfur compounds in the air.

Use anti-tarnish strips or pouches in your storage container to absorb moisture and prevent tarnish. When you buy a PCJ piece of jewelry, you receive a free special velvet anti-tarnish pouch with every purchase!  Keep your jewelry stored in that special pouch! With the air removed, the metal won’t be able to oxidize from the air. 

Or if you don't have one of those special pouches, try storing your jewelry in a Ziploc bag with anti-tarnish strips! These strips are amazing!  The absorb any moisture and will help keep your jewelry shiny!

Clean your sterling silver regularly with a soft cloth or a silver polishing cloth to remove any dirt or fingerprints. Over time, dirt, oils, and other substances can build up on the surface of your jewelry, leading to a dull appearance. Any soft, lint-free cloth will work to gently wipe away any surface dirt or dust, and of course a special silver polishing cloth works best for removing tarnish! 

Avoid exposing to harsh chemicals, including soaps, bleach, chlorine or ammonia.  When it comes to taking care of your turquoise and silver jewelry, it is essential to ensure that you avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, including bleach, chlorine, acetone or ammonia. These chemicals can cause significant damage to the metal, leading to tarnishing or even corrosion.  

Turquoise is a soft and porous gemstone, with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 5 to 6. Being soft and porous means that it is vulnerable to scratches and can easily be damaged by household cleaners, cosmetics, and even some types of soap. These pores will easily absorb liquids, leading to discoloration or damage, eventually becoming dull, losing its vibrant color over time. Additionally, the chemicals in soap can strip the stone's natural oils, making it more prone to cracking or chipping.  😉 Avoid the damage – take off your jewelry before scrubbing those counters or dishes! 

Remove your sterling silver before swimming or showering, as exposure to water and chemicals can tarnish. This is so important, I wanted to reiterate the previous points made!  For all the reasons mentioned above, take your semi-precious jewelry off before swimming, cleaning the home or washing your hands! Your turquoise will last longer and your silver will stay shinier between polishings! 🤩

Wear your silver often, as natural oils in your skin help prevent tarnish.  Your silver jewelry will still tarnish over time due to all the above factors mentioned, including exposure to air, moisture, and certain chemicals. It seems counterintuitive to be told to wear your jewelry often to prevent tarnish, but it is actually true for silver jewelry.  This is why you may have noticed that silver jewelry you wear frequently remains bright and shiny for a longer time compared to pieces that are left sitting in a drawer for extended periods.

If you want to be able to keep your turquoise beautiful for years to come and pass on your pieces as heirlooms to your children and other family members, it is important to follow all of these care and maintenance techniques discussed.  Following these guidelines will ensure that your silver jewelry remains radiant and beautiful for years!!💎💠

Do you need a little polishing cloth?  You can grab a small one to use on your pieces here! Grab a couple to keep in various places.

Need a Cheat Sheet to remember all of these great tips?!  Download this PCJ Care Guide Checklist to keep handy or to share with friends!  

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